Saturday, January 29, 2011 | By: Laurie

{pink shabby chic booties}

Brer Rabbit is having another one of those delightful days all to himself! It feels like Spring has sprung in Middle Tennessee today! It's sooo nice to see the sunshine and feel the warmer temps! I really should be outside enjoying the weather, but instead I have spent a blissful day designing and sewing! These little vintage baby booties are just too much fun!
Pink Shabby Chic Booties
Sweet Vintage-look Baby Booties
Nothing is sweeter than little baby feet! I really prefer looking at their little bare feet, however, sweet little bare feet have occasions when they need to be tucked inside a little pair of shoes...and little shoes must have the cute-factor

A French Lace Edging Rosette with
a pink silk satin bow on the toe!
Pink Suede Sherpa
soooo soft and sweet!
Lace edging from the 1752 co.
is trimmed around all the
edges of the bootie!
Ohhh-sooo precious and
ohhh-sooo shabby chic!
My vintage button booties, as well as these new booties are now available at the NEW BRD Couture, which is now open at Brer Rabbit Designs! In the very near future, both booties will be available in a kit with the in-the-hoop embroidery design, as well as instructions and pattern for making them by hand! There are more styles coming first tho, so make sure you follow my blog for updates & previews!
I am joining How Sweet the Sound - Pink Saturday with this blog post - please follow the link for more Pink!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 | By: Brer Rabbit

{vintage button booties}

Brer Rabbit had a delightful day of designing today! It's a rare day when Brer Rabbit can spend the entire day uninterrupted in the briar patch, just creating to his little heart's content! Sweet little baby feet were on his mind, as he eyed a piece of suede sherpa, scraps of french lace edging, silk satin ribbons and little vintage buttons. Ohhh, soooo yummy, even for a little bunny! He gathered up his supplies, went to his favorite sewing machine and let his creativity run just as wild as the briars in his patch!                                       
 Vintage Button Booties
ohhh sooo soft and ohhh sooo sweet!
adorned with a precious silk satin ribbon bow!
fleece lined sherpa and
french cotton lace edging!
genuine vintage button!
these precious booties are
sure to become a family heirloom!
My vintage button booties are now available at the NEW BRD Couture, which is now open at Brer Rabbit Designs! In the very near future, these booties will be available in a kit with the in-the-hoop embroidery design, as well as instructions and pattern for making them by hand!

Friday, January 14, 2011 | By: Brer Rabbit

(Spring 2011 Fashion}

Brer Rabbit often gets distracted, I guess that's all part of being a rabbit! Lately tho, it seems that Brer Rabbit has been running in endless circles! The briar patch seems to be getting over-loaded with many UFO (Un-Finished Objects) sightings! Brer Rabbit is still busy at work on this, which he has plans to make into a (near) future ePattern, however, he did some long and serious thinking...
...and decided he needed to finish some unfinished  items that were sitting around in the briar patch. Brer Rabbit tends to have more ideas than time, but he also realizes that he needs to make wise use of the time he has and prioritize his ideas! With that said, I think a little sneak peek is in order! 
 Remember these fabrics?!

and remember these sneak peeks?

Well, the collection is finally complete and now Brer Rabbit is busy tracing all the pattern pieces into an ePattern that will be available very soon! Here's a peek at one of Brer Rabbit Designs Spring 2011 collections. 
"Brer Rabbit Designs 'lil britches"
is coming soon!
The new ePattern will include pattern pieces and instructions to make both classic and trendy 'lil britches of all sorts! Classic & Trendy ruffle bottom bloomers, ruffle leg shorts, a ruffle skirt with built-in bloomers and trendy ruffle pants or little bo peep style pantaloons!
Brer Rabbit is still working on sizing, so I'm not sure what size they will go up to yet, but they will start in infant sizes and go thru toddler sizes for sure.
Look for a multi-style classic & trendy top ePattern to soon follow that will compliment the BRD 'lil britches pattern!