Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | By: Laurie

Fresh out of the Briar Patch!

Brer Rabbit has been busy working in the Briar Patch on 45 NEW designs! Fresh out of the Briar Patch is a newly created, and very unique type of machine embroidery. Brer Rabbit thinks you will love to use these on your upcoming Christmas projects! There are sew many possibilities for use with this new design set!
Bobbin Work Machine Embroidery!
It looks like hand embroidery!
There are 45 designs in the entire set, or you can purchase in sets of 15 designs! 
If you go to my website you can see 
clear pictures of each design!
Each set includes a full color step-by-step eBook of instructions on how to create this unique form of machine embroidery!

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