Wednesday, September 7, 2011 | By: Laurie

New Smocking Plates!

Brer Rabbit has been working very hard all summer, which explains his absence from blogging all summer! He is pleased to announce that there are now FIVE new Smocking Plates fresh out of the Briar Patch from Brer Rabbit Designs!
Flutter-by Butterflies is a delightful smocking design featuring bullion butterflies!
This design requires knowledge of the bullion stitch.
Lindsay Kay is a beautiful smocking plate that lends itself well to a bishop, bonnet or smocked yoke. It features lots of bullion roses all along the lower edge of the geometrics! Knowledge of the bullion stitch is recommended.
Lovely Little Ladybugs is another delightful smocking design featuring bullion ladybugs following a vine with lazy-daisy leaves. This design lends itself well to both a bishop and straight yoke. Knowledge of the bullion stitch is recommended.
Precious Rosebuds is a pretty little design that is perfect for a sweet baby bonnet or for just a few rows of smocking on a waistline or smocked yoke dress. The entire design is easy enough for the beginner smocker! The flowerettes can also be made as bullion roses if desired, tho instructions for the bullions are not shown.


Torey said...

very cute! Are these available for download purchase? I need a new design - have a bishop already pleated for my niece's new baby girl. These are perfect!

Kelly Stockstill said...

How do we get to them? It say that I don't have access. Is there a link to a site to purchase them?

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