Wednesday, December 1, 2010 | By: Laurie

{Hand Puppet Fun}

What do you do when you are cooped up inside on a blustery cold day with an almost 3-year-old? You make Hand Puppets!!!
I am so blessed to get to keep my grandson 2-3 days a week all day long, so sometimes I need to come up with some creative ideas to keep him busy. Today we made Hand Puppets! 
Ok, so I cheated a little - we bought the Hand Puppet kit from Hobby Lobby this morning, but they were still fun to make!
What almost 3-year-old doesn't like anything that has to do with glue?!

This cute kit came with all the supplies to make 4 hand puppets. 
Paxton chose to make the "dawg" first!

 He then decided he wanted to make the frog - maybe because it rhymes with "dawg"!
 I think glueing on the wiggly eyes was the best part of it for him!
This is one happy little boy with his handmade Hand Puppets! You should have seen him and his daddy playing Hand Puppets when his daddy came to pick him up after work! I should have snapped a picture! Paxton already has plans to make the remaining two Hand Puppets in the kit tomorrow!
Brer Rabbit got a few ideas rolling in his head when he saw this Hand Puppet kit, so stayed tuned because some finger puppets are on the design board in the briar patch!


marilyn said...

Laurie those came out so cute!! Paxton looked like he was having a fun time!!

Sewconsult said...

Puppets are one of my favorite things to do with little ones. Wish I had thought of that during our visit with some little great nephews. A little quiet time would have been welcomed by many. Where did you get the kits? Finger puppets sound great.

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