Thursday, December 30, 2010 | By: Brer Rabbit

{Brer Rabbit goes Boho-chic!}

Brer Rabbit had a busy Christmas, but this week he finally has been able to pop out of the rabbit hole and work on some new Spring designs! He's working on something totally not classic, which sort of goes against his grain. It's something that is very trendy and fun, full of Bohemian flair! I guess you could say that Brer Rabbit has gone Boho-chic! 
Some of you might be wondering just what "Boho-chic" is. Well, "Boho" stands for "Bohemian", and "chic" means "up-to-date fashion". Bohemian fashion style is one of the most interesting fashion styles of today. 
Without giving away all of Brer Rabbit's secrets, I did some searching and found a cute little dress that isn't exactly what Brer Rabbit has designed, but it has some similar characteristics.
The Bohemian fashion style or boho for short is characterized by a casual and relaxed wear with a certain hippie style touch that gives a certain allure of vintage. It requires a great fashion sense to be able to put the right pieces together.This style can be absolutely adorable if you combine the right fabrics together. After digging thru the Briar Patch, Brer Rabbit found these fabrics all in his stash...
...and the garment that he has designed makes use of each and every one of these fabrics. I know you may be thinking "crazy", but Brer Rabbit had to use his eye for design, particularly Bohemian design to put these fabrics together.
To add to the Boho-chic fun, Brer Rabbit has added in some pretty nifty machine embroidery!
Don't you just love the funky-fun of these flowers? They almost have a bit of a folk or hippie-look to them! The bohemian fashion style can be considered a combination of folk, punk, hippie and modern chic fashion-style. 
So has Brer Rabbit piqued your curiosity with this little teaser? Please leave your comments and do share this blog with your children's fashion-minded friends!


Esther Grant said...

Seriously love those bright flowers. There is something tres fresh and cheerful about Boho-chique. :) Maybe it's because it takes me back to an old Hungarian embroidered peasant blouse I wore at 15 with my bell bottom jeans in the 70's. I'm Glad to see good memories come back with a fresh new twist for the next generation.

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