Saturday, November 13, 2010 | By: Brer Rabbit

{Bennett & Celia's Cardigans}

Brer Rabbit Designs is pleased to announce a brand new ePattern hot off the press....errr, wait, that would be hot off the computer! After much work in the briar patch, Brer Rabbit finally finished up on this verrry special pattern today!
Before I share the details of the pattern, I want to share with you what makes this pattern so verrry special! Please don't skip thru the story and how you can help - this means alot to me!
The story behind the design:
Some special friends of ours, Derek and Kat Hunter are in the process of adopting siblings from Russia. Derek is the Connecting Pastor at my church, and my daughter grew up with him, so I've known him for, well, let's just say awhile. Derek's wife, Kat is honestly the sweetest person you could ever meet! They have been married nearly five years and feel very blessed that God has chosen them to adopt. They recently returned from Russia where they spent an amazing week with their beautiful children for the very first time! They are currently waiting for the adoption to become final. They must make two more trips to Russia before they can bring their children home. Their prayer is that they can bring Bennett and Celia home for Christmas!
How can you help?
Derek and Kat's biggest hurdle in this adoption process is the financial burden that is upon them, but they feel confident that this is the path God has chosen for them. It has been amazing to see how God has used so many people in so many different ways to help raise funds for their adoption. I created "Bennett & Celia's Cardigans" pattern and made each of them the cardigans shown on the pattern cover for gifts for their children. Every dollar of the sale of this pattern thru the end of December will be given to Derek and Kat to help bring their children home! Please spread the news about "Bennett & Celia's Cardigans" on your blogs, facebook pages, websites and to all your sewing friends and help me raise funds for them. Another way you can help is to go to this page, where you can read more about Derek and Kat's adoption story. Please leave a comment because each comment made on their page raises $2 for their adoption! 
...and now Brer Rabbit will share more details about the pattern!

"Bennett & Celia's Cardigans" can be ordered here!


juliewebster01 said...

Thank you so much< Laurie, for doing this for Derek and Kat! These outfits are absolutely adorable and you are suoer talented!

Sew Shine said...

LOVE this! You are such a sweetheart for making these in honor of sweet little ones. I do so hope that they will be in their new home by Christmas! I've visited the site above and posted a comment to help out! Now I have to figure out who I can make this cute cardigan for!

Love your work!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic story! As an adopted child, any story of adoption is so special to me. I have friends who adopted a son from Russia about fifteen years ago. Pasha is a beautiful young man now and is a joy to his parents and younger sister. He is truly a story of how wonderful adoption can be.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the adoption I have friends with a little girl from Vietnam She is a true blessing every child deserves a loving home

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