Saturday, October 16, 2010 | By: Laurie

{the classics}

As you all know, Brer Rabbit Designs is all about "the classics", therefore, I thought I would share a few classic patterns that were found in the briar patch!
This vintage embroidery booklet was purchased off ebay several years ago. I love the vintage embroidery in the book...
...and how they used the embroidery on these classic garments!
I also have some classic vintage patterns in my collection, most of which were given to me by friends and family!
More pencil drawings of garments in
the vintage embroidery booklet
Within my collection, are several vintage classic smocked yoke dress patterns!
Often times it's vintage patterns and pictures of vintage garments that inspire me to create something for today's fashion!


Barbara said...

I love the vintage patterns! I have several [all are non-smocking though] and love looking at them. I recently picked up several patterns very similar to those pictured at a local antique mall. They make me smile!

Anja Rieger Design said...

Design of the week: This week we have the embroidery design "Vintage Angel"!

We love vintage style too!

Michelle said...

How generous of you to share your smocking plate to all your readers for free!!! You are most appriciated and the plate is adorable!!! I am going to use it on my next bishop!!

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