Friday, October 29, 2010 | By: Laurie

{a new design}

Brer Rabbit has been hard at work in the briar patch! He's still working on this pattern, which you can see sneak peek pics of at the end of that post. While in the midst of that project, he had to stop and work on a new design. This is a very special design and there will be much more information forthcoming about it soon - meanwhile Brer Rabbit would like to whet your appetite with a couple teaser pictures! ;)

As you might guess, this design is specifically for a boy! I have had many requests for some boy patterns, so you will be so pleased to know that I have not forgotten your requests! The best part about this pattern is that it's not just for boys - there is a girls version too! Stay tuned for some girl teaser pics coming soon! I have a few more tricks up my sleeve with this pattern that I can't wait to share!
~Brer Rabbit just loves keeping you in suspense of what's coming next! :)
Saturday, October 16, 2010 | By: Laurie

{the classics}

As you all know, Brer Rabbit Designs is all about "the classics", therefore, I thought I would share a few classic patterns that were found in the briar patch!
This vintage embroidery booklet was purchased off ebay several years ago. I love the vintage embroidery in the book...
...and how they used the embroidery on these classic garments!
I also have some classic vintage patterns in my collection, most of which were given to me by friends and family!
More pencil drawings of garments in
the vintage embroidery booklet
Within my collection, are several vintage classic smocked yoke dress patterns!
Often times it's vintage patterns and pictures of vintage garments that inspire me to create something for today's fashion!

Monday, October 11, 2010 | By: Brer Rabbit

{a baby bunny was born!}

Brer Rabbit had to take a week and a half off from working in the briar patch because a brand new baby bunny was born in the family, and he's just as cute and sweet as a baby bunny can be!
Caleb Mikkal Fort
7lbs 6oz
Before our new little bundle of joy arrived, Brer Rabbit was busy working in the Briar Patch on a brand new pattern. Here are a few teaser pictures of his latest creations for a new pattern that is soon to be available!

All fabrics are from Fairytale Frocks and Lollypops!
As you can see, ruffles are the theme! Brer Rabbit can't hardly wait to show you the full pictures of the entire pattern! He's still working hard tho, finishing up on a few more views of the pattern!