Friday, September 3, 2010 | By: Brer Rabbit

{Brer Rabbit's Briar Patch}

I think most of my readers probably well know who Brer Rabbit is, or have at least heard of him. I thot just for fun, I would share some history on him and how it came about that I chose to name my business "Brer Rabbit Designs". 

Back in the days of the old plantations, the slaves would tell stories of this feisty little rabbit to their children; to teach them that no matter how bad the situation is there's always a way out of it; to never lose hope. These folktales were collected in 1880 by American newspaper man Joel Chandler Harris, who published them in Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings. Harris created the character Uncle Remus, a grandfatherly storyteller who had once been a slave. In a rich, southern dialect, Uncle Remus related the adventures of Brer Rabbit and his friends to a little boy from the "Big House" on the Old Plantation. Harris wanted these stories to be shared and preserved forever, for as the slaves knew: These stories aren't just about foxes and rabbits, they're about all of us.

I love all the old classic tales from when I was a child and I have especially loved the tales of Brer Rabbit. I think what I like best is how the tales are written; in the rich southern dialect of the Old South. One of my favorite quotes from the books is "Yessir, Brotha Fox, I was born and bred in the Briar Patch!"
As I was thinking about "re-inventing" myself, I wanted to have a name for my new business that would have meaning behind it. Brer Rabbit came to my mind quite quickly - I love him because he's feisty, full of wit and no matter how bad his situation is, he always find a way out! Umm, that kinda describes me and many circumstances of my life! 
I also love Brer Rabbit because he's a classic and he's got Old South charm! The motto for the southern town that I live in is, "Old South Charm, New South Progress". With that in mind, Brer Rabbit Designs just seemed to be a perfectly fitting name for me to use. I love the classic, Old South Charm in Classic Children's wear and design, but I also like to incorporate that into today's fashion. My goal with Brer Rabbit Designs is to create classic designs, both as sewing patterns and machine embroidery design and to inspire you to use them to create beautiful garments for the little ones you love to sew for.
Brer Rabbit
Mr. Toad

Brer Turtle
Brer Rabbit Designs Shadow Work Machine Embroidery


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