Monday, September 20, 2010 | By: Brer Rabbit

{Brer Rabbit gets Trendy}

I had a very fun weekend of working in the briar patch....err, that would be my sewing room, which sometimes resembles a briar patch! After attending market, I came home and decided that to make it in the children's wear market, I needed to make a few changes, mainly one that involves following the trends. Don't get me wrong - my first love is the classics and it always will be my favorite, but following the latest trends is a must if I want my designs to be a success in this fast-paced fashion market. I personally think I can sit on the fence post and have a shot at success either way, so that's where I'm at! With that in mind, I started working on a new design - one that lends itself to classic and trendy! I started out with the trendy side and here's what I came up with.
Oh, I know you are probably thinking, "oh paaaleeese, not another twirly skirt pattern!" Or, you might think this is kinda cute! Either way, this isn't just another twirly skirt pattern. This one has built-in bloomers and more...
What's the "more", you might ask? Well, stay-tuned because the pattern that Brer Rabbit drafted  has a secret ingredient that allows you to make up at least 8, yes, I said eight different multi-sized patterns within itself! How, you might ask? Well, stay-tuned, an eBook is currently under construction in the Briar Patch!


Kelly said...

Very cute! My girls would really like that!

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