Monday, August 16, 2010 | By: Laurie

What's Buzz'in?

Brer Rabbit is not real fond of live bees, he's been stung a few times this summer, but the ones on this Vintage-style baby bubble are just as sweet as honey bees, and the best part is that they don't sting!

The bees and hive are Brer Rabbit Designs Bullion Critters and they are created on the embroidery machine! You can take a look at the entire collection of Bullion Critters at Brer Rabbit Designs.
This baby bubble was created using Vintage Baby Bubbles pattern by Wendy Schoen. A sweet pair of Saddle Oxfords from Brer Rabbit Designs In-the-hoop embroideries, completes the ensemble!

What else is buzz'in? A few weeks ago, Brer Rabbit was working in the Briar Patch and he heard a whole lot of buzz'in going on, so he followed the buzz and came upon
 Arts & Crafts blogs, shows, directory, ideas
He quickly looked around and asked a few other bees just what all the buzz'in was about and he learned that TheHive was full of busy little bees who all help to provide a connection between everyone in the arts, crafts and hobby industry! Brer Rabbit decided that he wanted to be a part of that connection, so he joined, and he wants to help spread the buzz about the fastest growing arts & crafts community on the web! TheHive is for anyone, whether you are a manufacturer, professional artist, hobbiest, retailer or consumer! 

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Edit: This sweet little bee of an outfit is in an
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Esther Grant said...

Love it Laurie. So very very cute!


Angie said...

Precious outfit!!

Karen said...

I think the outfit is BEEautiful! Incredible work as always from you.

dachsynut said...

I love bees! This is cute & beautiful at the same time.

Diana Meade said...

Love, love this! So sweet and adorable. Like your blog too. Buzzed here by way of the The Hive. I have such fond memories of my dad reading Brer Rabbit stories and doing all the voices. Thanks for reminding me of happy times. Good luck with the challenge.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet outfit! Love the added touch of embroidery as well - so sweet. :)


Brer Warrior said...

oh, that's so cute ^_^

Anonymous said...

Love the Blog And its titile. So fitting!

babs272 said...

Love this site!! Its so unique.

Brer Rabbit said...

Thanks everyone!

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