Sunday, August 29, 2010 | By: Brer Rabbit

{shadow work for baby}

Shadow work embroidery is a very subtle and interesting form of embroidery, most known as being worked by hand. With the amazing capability of embroidery machines, shadow work embroidery can now be created by machine, which very closely resembles the look of hand shadow work. As with shadow work by hand, the basic idea is to use sheer fabric where only the barest outline of the pattern appears on the surface and the crisscrossed threads underneath show thru, creating a "shadow" pattern. The opacity of the threads being worked on sheer fabric defines this form of embroidery more than any single stitch or color combination. Shadow work is very versatile and looks both delicate and complicated, but is really quite easy to do, both by hand and machine. The effect can be used in a variety of ways with a wide array of designs and themes. The hardest part is choosing your design and laying out where you want the design to be.

This sweet diaper shirt was featured in the "blue issue" of Sew Beautiful Magazine.

Machine Shadow Work sailboats
Machine Shadow Work Blue Bird on
preemie gown & t-bonnet

Close up of machine shadow work sweet little blue bird on a yellow ribbon!

Brer Rabbit In-the-hoop booties with machine shadow work sailboat!
Close up of bootie toe!
Brer Rabbit works hard out in the Briar Patch to make his shadow work machine embroidery designs resemble the look of shadow work by hand as much as possible! These designs look complicated to achieve the result of hand shadow work, but they are incredibly easy to create! Hop on over to Brer Rabbit Designs and check out all the machine shadow work designs that are available - there are even some free shadow work designs for you to test out!
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Monday, August 16, 2010 | By: Laurie

What's Buzz'in?

Brer Rabbit is not real fond of live bees, he's been stung a few times this summer, but the ones on this Vintage-style baby bubble are just as sweet as honey bees, and the best part is that they don't sting!

The bees and hive are Brer Rabbit Designs Bullion Critters and they are created on the embroidery machine! You can take a look at the entire collection of Bullion Critters at Brer Rabbit Designs.
This baby bubble was created using Vintage Baby Bubbles pattern by Wendy Schoen. A sweet pair of Saddle Oxfords from Brer Rabbit Designs In-the-hoop embroideries, completes the ensemble!

What else is buzz'in? A few weeks ago, Brer Rabbit was working in the Briar Patch and he heard a whole lot of buzz'in going on, so he followed the buzz and came upon
 Arts & Crafts blogs, shows, directory, ideas
He quickly looked around and asked a few other bees just what all the buzz'in was about and he learned that TheHive was full of busy little bees who all help to provide a connection between everyone in the arts, crafts and hobby industry! Brer Rabbit decided that he wanted to be a part of that connection, so he joined, and he wants to help spread the buzz about the fastest growing arts & crafts community on the web! TheHive is for anyone, whether you are a manufacturer, professional artist, hobbiest, retailer or consumer! 

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{welcome to the briar patch}

Welcome to Brer Rabbit's Blog! Somewhere in Middle TN, there is a little burrow that is home to Brer Rabbit. Just as the classic stories about him tell, "he was born and bred in the Briar Patch"! Within that Briar Patch, Brer Rabbit spends many hours creating classic and unique designs. Brer Rabbit's Blog is devoted to sharing with his readers how his designs can be used to adorn all the beloved little ones that you sew for! His hope is that it will inspire you to use his designs and spread the news about Brer Rabbit Designs!
Brer Rabbit's newest design is a classic A-line dress and bubble pattern all in one! The pattern is versatile to create a Classic Vintage style or contemporary style garment. The pattern includes sizes newborn to 24mos. Included with the pattern are Brer Rabbit's exclusive in-the-hoop machine embroidered collars and pockets in all machine formats!
To celebrate the launch of my new website, Brer Rabbit Designs and Brer Rabbit's Blog, I am offering a giveaway of Brer Rabbit's newest e-pattern "Jack 'n Jill". Brer Rabbit is offering lots of ways to win this adorable e-pattern! You can look at all Brer Rabbit's designs & a slideshow of this e-pattern & more at Brer Rabbit Designs
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